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IIT to Set New Admission Rules
Monday,14 May 2012

Indian’s leading institute of technology and engineering, IIT is all set to introduce new admission rules for aspirants. The Indian Institute of Technology has decided to select candidates partially on the basis of 12th class scores along with the marks obtained in JEE test.

The new admission procedure was taken on the T Ramasami report, which looks at having a single pan-India entrance exam for admission to engineering colleges. This new admission scheme will be proposed before each IIT senate and will be discussed in a joint meeting of IITs so as to make any changes by mid-May, if required.

The director of IIT Bombay, Devang Khakhar said "There is a large support for some reforms... The ball is in our court now and we will come up with a proposal on how to select students."  However, some faculty members had mentioned that the teaching, learning facilities and assessments of class XII are different in different school board across the country and could not be statistically normalized. The IIT faculty federation had discussion with the HRD minister Kapil Sibal and had already submitted a list of concerns about the proposed system for admission in engineering colleges.

The new admission policy is yet left to be finalized and may be introduced in 2013 or may be delayed further depending certain situations. Khakhar further added that the decision depends largely on how big is the change.

As of now, the IIT-B has decided to take a note of the challenges in various sectors and is set to make a road map for research and development with the concerned institutes.  The dean of IIT-B (R&D), Rangan Banerjee said, "We can look at the existing initiatives that are currently in operation. They include the health-consortium and our centers in areas like photovoltaic research, aerospace and nano-electronics, among others, to identify themes, set a roadmap for implementation and take stock of developments. We have a database of 350 industries and we are looking at creating long-term, strategic associations with them".



Source: Economic Times

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